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If you have a Royal Wood Spirit by your side, you will be able to nurture all kinds of extraordinary flora and spirit herbs no matter how stringent their requirement to grow is. Moreover, their growth speed will be at least ten times normal.

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Anyone caught violating it will be severely punished. However, this did not stop the suffering of the race due to the continuing greed of human profound practitioners.

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The entire clan led by the patriarch tried to seek out the direct protection of a king realm and finally were accepted by the Brahma Monarch God Realm. They were instead betrayed by the Brahma Monarch God Realm three years ago.


The patriarch, his wife, and thousands of Wood Spirits died. They desperately fought and were able to allow a He Lin and a few clansmen to escape while He Ling 's whereabouts is unknown. He Lin and the remaining Wood Spirits of around one hundred settled in a secret location in the Darkya Realm hidden with a special nature illusory formation. This series of events directly led to the downfall of the village as hunters were able to track He Lin back to the secret location and massacre the remaining Wood Spirits.

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